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The Massachusetts Water Works Association, Inc. is a membership organization dedicated to the advancement of the drinking water profession.  Through education and advocacy, MWWA is committed to public health by promoting a safe and sufficient supply of drinking water to Massachusetts consumers.

welcome to our website!

Our website has many features including: on-line registration for training and events, a listing of our sponsors with links to their websites and our online business directory.  Members have special access to a members-only login area where they can update their membership profile, access current and archived editions of the H2O Pump newsletter, obtain information on our advocacy efforts and our on-line member directory.  If you are not a member consider becoming one today.

2017 Spring Prerequisite Course Schedule

Concepts and Practices of Basic Drinking Water Treatment:  Two Offerings

This course satisfies the requirements for operators looking to sit for the T2 Exam.  This course is a 12-week course.  The cost is $827; books are an additional cost of $98.

Middleborough, MA in partnership with Massasoit Community College-February 22-May 17, 2017

Registration is done through Massasoit Community College, Please click this link to register:


If employer paying, here is the link to that registration form (if you want it): http://www.massasoit.edu/Assets/documents/cce/corporate-education/spring2017Reg/MIDDLEBORO-FEB-DRINKING-WATER-TREATMENT.pdf

Northampton, MA-March 7-May 23, 2017

Please click here to register online:  2017 MWWA's Concepts and Practices of BASIC Drinking Water Treatment (T2)-Northampton Water Treatment Plant

2016 member recruitment drive: 

MWWA is pleased to announce our 2016 Membership Drive.  At each of the Board of Directors' meetings in 2016, the name of one lucky member who recommended a newly installed member will be drawn for a $50 Speedway Gas Card.  Any member who recruits five new members during the course of the year will automatically receive a $100 gift card.  Please view the flyer here

2016 MWWA meeting/event schedule:

Click here for a PDF with dates for MWWA's meetings and events scheduled for 2016

scholarship information

Each year, MWWA presents scholarships to undergraduate students of higher learning whose parent or grandparent is an MWWA member in good standing for a minimum of 3 years.  The award will be presented to recipient(s) at the Annual Meeting and Awards Banquet. Scholarship Applications can be downloaded here.

water infrastructure finance commission issues final report and recommendations:  Click here to view a copy of this report

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MWWA is a vibrant organization with lots of interesting events which give our members opportunities to network with others in the profession and learn more about what is going on in the water works field.  If you would like to view photos from our membership meetings, Summer Expo or social events, click here.