mwwa membership

benefits of membership

Why Join?

  • Low cost seminars and training
  • Obtain training contact hours
  • Regular meetings on current topics
  • Interaction with your peers
  • Info. on the ever changing water works field
  • A vehicle to make your voice heard with legislators and regulators
  • Recognition of your accomplishments
  • Opportunities to help shape the future of the water works industry in Massachusetts
  • It's tax deductible!

Complete our on-line membership application or download a membership brochure in PDF.

Types of Membership

Membership Types    Description
Active    An individual employed by any water supplier
Affiliate    An individual employed by any firm engaged in providing materials or services to the water works industry
Honorary    An individual of eminence in water works who has promoted the welfare of the Association or the water works industry
Semi-Retired A Semi-Retired Member shall be an Active or Affiliate member in good standing at the time of transfer to this membership class, who in the opinion of the Board of Directors, has essentially retired from active employment.
Retired    An individual who has been a member in good standing and has fully retired from active employment.  Click here to apply for retired membership status. 
Student    An individual enrolled in an accredited college who demonstrates interest in the water works profession


Utility Advantage Program

In an effort to better serve our members and expand upon our advocacy and outreach, MWWA has implemented a special Utility Advantage Program.  Funds from this program will further support the important work that MWWA is doing on behalf of water professionals.

There are three levels of Utility Membership that allows you to choose the level of benefits for your utility:

Level 1 includes one complimentary membership and one complimentary half day training voucher.
Level 2 includes two complimentary membership and two complimentary half day training vouchers.
Level 3 includes four complimentary membership and four complimentary half day training vouchers.

Utilities participating at any level in this program can send their employees to training seminars at the member rate.  Complete an on-line application or download the Utility Advantage Program Brochure in PDF.

Results of MWWA’s  Membership Survey

MWWA launched a survey of water supply professionals in Massachusetts to determine the level of satisfaction with their MWWA membership or find out why individuals are not members.  We had a total of 329 responses and 296 people completed the survey.  Of the 53 completed responses from non-members, the majority indicated they just do not have the time to participate.  Even though they are not members, about one-half of the non-members surveyed were aware of our regulatory/legislative efforts.  Among the MWWA membership, 89% of members are aware of our activities with respect to legislative/regulatory affairs.  95% of those who responded read our newsletter.   The chart below outlines the level of awareness members have on a variety of membership benefits that we offer.  When asked if members were happy with their membership, 95% of respondents indicated they were.   We would like to thank everyone who participated as your feedback and input is very valuable.  We will be reviewing the responses in the coming weeks to determine possible actions that can be taken to further enhance membership benefits. For a summary of the survey results, click here.