We are happy to post job opportunities in the water profession on this page.  This information is provided to us by outside parties and contact information is provided for each job. You must apply as directed in the posting, we have no additional information beyond what is posted here. To view the job description and contact information, click on the job title which will open a PDF.  Thank you!

EMPLOYERS:  If you would like us to post a position that you have open, email an MS Word document or PDF to [email protected].  The job posting should include all information on how one applies for the position.  Please indicate the closing date of the position so we know when to remove it from the website.  MWWA reserves the right to not post positions that we feel are not relevant to the water profession.

Current Postings:

June 2018

Operator Technician & Operator Technician Apprentice, Uxbridge, MA 6-18-18

Construction Manager, Springfield Water & Sewer Commission, Agawam, MA 6-15-18

Superintendent, Water & Sewer, Medway, MA 6-15-18

Deputy Director of Field Services, Springfield Water & Sewer Commission 6-13-18

Clerk/ Office Administrator, Cherry Valley & Rochdale Water District, Rochdale, MA 6-12-18

Treatment Plant Operator in Training, West Parish Filters, Westfield, MA 6-11-18

Maintenance Equipment Operator, South Essex Sewerage District, Salem, MA 6-7-18

Operator, Wastewater Treatment Equipment, Rochester Midland Corporation 6-6-18

May 2018

Water/Sewer Systems Engineer, Wellesley, MA 5-30-18

Water Distribution/Treatment Operator, Lunenburg, MA 5-25-18

DPW Water Department Technician/Treatment Operator, Provincetown, MA 5-25-18

Water/Wastewater Operator, Longmeadow, MA 5-24-18

Well and Pump Mechanic, Weston & Sampson 5-22-18

Water Treatment Plant Repairman, DPW Water Division, Taunton, MA 5-21-18

Environmental Engineer III, MassDEP, Worcester, MA 5-17-18

Service Technician, WhiteWater, Inc., Auburn, MA 5-11-18

Water Distribution / Treatment Operator, Three Rivers Fire District, Three Rivers, MA 5-10-18

Operations & Collections System Technician, Wastewater Department, Kingston, MA 5-9-18

Water Technician / Equipment Operator, Hanson, MA 5-7-18

Skilled Laborer, Hanson, MA 5-7-18

Water Superintendent, Blanford, MA 5-3-18

DPW General Foreman, Bellingham, MA 5-2-18

DPW Facilities Foreman, Bellingham, MA 5-2-18

Research Assistant, Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Boston, MA 5-1-2018

April 2018

Instrument Technician, Springfield Water & Sewer Commission, Westfield, MA 4-25-18

Water Treatment Plant Operator (Swing Shift), Aquarion Water Compnay, Hingham, MA 4-24-18

Town Engineer, Wakefield, MA 4-24-18

Water Treament Operator, Woodard & Curran, Cohasset, MA 4-23-18

Water Treatment Operator Trainee, Woodard & Curran, Cohasset, MA 4-23-18

Skilled Laborer, Springfield Water & Sewer Commission, Springfield, MA 4-19-18

Water Distribution Operator, Lynnfield Water District, Lynnfield, MA 4-18-18

Veolia, Chief Operator, Brockton, MA 4-17-2018

Water Systems Field Operator, Dover MA 4-16-18

Water Filtration Operator, Worcester, MA 4-13-18

DPW Water Department Technician, Treatment Operator, Provincetown, MA 4-12-18

Youth & Environmental Program Coordinator / Wastewater Division Intern, Lowell, MA 4-12-18

Skilled Laborer / Water Department, Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA 4-10-18

Water Operations Technician 1, Sterling, MA 4-9-18

Water System Field Operator, Norfolk County, MA 4-5-18

DPW, Water Worker 2, Wayland, MA 4-2-18

Water Operator, Lynn, MA 4-2-18

March, 2018

Water System Maintenance Man, Board of Public Works, Water Division, Fairhaven, MA 3-27-18

Administrative Assistant, Utility Building, Medfield, MA 3-27-18

Regional Wastewater Utility Staff Engineer, Lowell, MA 3-26-18

Water Utility Head Filter Operator, Lowell, MA 3-26-18

Water Utility Staff Engineer, Lowell, MA 3-26-18

Chief Operating Engineer - Water Treatment Plant, Tewksbury, MA 3-26-18

Meter Reader /Repairman, Water Division, Plymouth, MA 3-22-18

Water Distribution Supervisor, Bridgewater, MA 3-22-18

Water Handler, Bridgewater, MA 3-22-18

Facilities Foreman, South Essex Sewerage District, Salem, MA 3-22-18

Customer Service Manager, Springfield Water & Sewer Commission, MA 3-8-18

Water Treatment Plant Operator, Attleboro, MA 3-7-18

Water, Wastewater & Stormwater Asset & Information Management Specialist, Haverhill, MA 3-6-18

Water Operations Manager, DPW, Water Division, Belmont, MA 3-1-18

Operation Compliance Specialist, Woodard & Curran, Boston, MA 3-1-18

February, 2018

Water Quality & Resource Protection Intern, Concord, MA 2-27-18

Water Treatment Plant Operator, Aquarion, Hingham, MA 2-22-18

Public Works Superintendent, Lee, MA 2-22-18

Public Works Superintendent, Lenox, MA 2-22-18

Water Treatment Plant Operators, Newburyport, MA 2-21-18

Primary Water Operator, Somerville, MA 2-20-18

Water Resources Project Manager, GZA Environmental, Norwood, MA 2-20-18

Environmental Analyst, WRP, Lowell, MA 2-15-18

Laborer, Sudbury Water District, Sudbury, MA 2-14-18

Water Machinery Maintenance Person, Methuen, MA 2-14-18

Facilities Foreman, South Essex Sewerage District, Salem, MA 2-13-18

Water Treatment Plant Operator, Aquaria, Dighton, MA 2-12-18

Water Operator, Holden, MA 2-7-18

Wastewater Treatment Operator, South Royalston, MA 2-5-2018

Assistant Superintendent Water and Sewer Division, Wellesley, MA 2-5-2018

Assistant DPW Director/Water Operations Manager, Avon, MA 2-1-2018

January, 2018

Meter Reader/Service Technician, Aquarion Water Company, Hingham, Hull & N. Cohasset 1-30-18

DAF Plant/Systems Operator & Maintenance Technician, Cambridge Water Department, MA 1-30-18

Water Treatment Plant & Facilities Operations Manager, Taunton, MA 01-17-18

Inventory Control Clerk, South Essex Sewerage District, Salem, MA 01-17-18

Water Superintendent, Rowley, MA  01-09-18

Water Maintenance Craftsperson, Westborough, MA 01-08-18

Facilities Foreman, South Essex Sewerage District, Salem, MA 01-05-18

Water Department Distribution Utility Maintenance Laborer 2, Rowley, MA 01-02-18

Water Treatment Operator 1/Assistant Chief Operator, Rowley, MA 01-02-18

Distribution Assistant Working Foreman Water Department, Rowley, MA 01-02-18































Licensed Grade 2 Water operator