We are happy to post job opportunities in the water profession on this page.  This information is provided to us by outside parties and contact information is provided for each job. You must apply as directed in the posting, we have no additional information beyond what is posted here. To view the job description and contact information, click on the job title which will open a PDF.  Thank you!

EMPLOYERS:  If you would like us to post a position that you have open, email an MS Word document or PDF to [email protected].  The job posting should include all information on how one applies for the position.  Please indicate the closing date of the position so we know when to remove it from the website.  MWWA reserves the right to not post positions that we feel are not relevant to the water profession.

Current Postings:

October 2020

Wastewater Plant Manager, Woodard&Curran Inc., Hingham MA, 10/20/2020

Water Quality and Service Manager, Town of Monson MA, 10/20/2020

Water Treatment Plant Operator, Fall River MA, 10/19/2020

Water Technician, Town of Hopkinton MA, 10/19/2020

Water Utility Maintenance Worker, Town of Falmouth MA, 10/19/2020

Water/Sewer Systems Engineer, Town of Wellesley MA, 10/15/2020

Water Foreman, City of Easthampton MA, 10/14/2020

Water Foreman, Town of Paxton MA, 10/14/2020

Filter Operator, Water Treatment Plant (2 openings), Tewksbury MA, 10/13/2020

Electrical Foreman, South Essex Sewerage District, Salem MA, 10/13/2020

Water and Wastewater System Modeler, MWRA, Boston, 10/13/2020

Water Technician, Fire/Water District, Onset MA, 10/13/2020

Water/Sewer Operator, Town of Monson MA, 10/08/2020

Licensed Water Operator, Veolia, Lynn MA, 10/06/2020

Sewer Superintendent, Town of Rockland MA, 10/02/2020


September 2020

Operations & Maintenance Technician, Suez North America, Hingham MA, 9/30/2020

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, South Essex MA, 9/28/202

Senior Water Treatment Plant Operator, Bridgewater MA, 9/24/2020

Wastewater Treatment Plant Operator, Bridgewater MA, 9/24/2020

Water and Sewer Superintendent, LELWD, Littleton MA, 9/22/2020

Operator Technician and Operator Technician Apprentice, Uxbridge MA, 9/22/2020

Secondary Water & Sewer Operator, Town of Maynard MA, 9/21/2020

Water/Wastewater Division Meter Reader/Laborer, Ayer MA, 9/21/2020

Director of Engineering and Transportation, Brookline MA, 9/21/2020

Water Operator, Lincoln MA, 9/15/2020

On-Call Operator, Nasoya Foods USA LLC., Ayer MA, 9/14/2020

Heavy Motor Equipment Operator / Laborer (2 positions), City of Malden MA, 9/9/2020

Water Quality and Service Manager, Water Division, Plymouth MA, 9/2/2020

Pump Station Operator, Walpole MA, 9/2/2020


August 2020

Water Superintendent, Oak Bluff MA, 8/27/2020

Water Superintendent, Townsend MA, 8/25/2020

Inventory Control Clerk, Salem MA, 8/25/2020

Maintenance Helper, Salem MA, 8/25/2020

Water Department Licensed Operator, Town of West Newbury MA, 8/24/2020

Land Steward, SWSC, Springfield MA, 8/20/2020

Water Superintendent, Town of Westford MA, 8/20/2020

Treatment Plant Operator, Springfield Water and Sewer Commission MA, 8/17/2020

Mechanic Equipment Operator, Sewerage District, South Essex MA, 8/17/2020

Water System Operator, Whitinsville Water Company, Whitinsville MA, 8/13/2020

Water Superintendent, Chelmsford Water District MA, 8/11/2020

Water/Sewer Superintendent, Milton, MA 8/5/20

Water and Sewer Division Assistant Chemist, City of Marlborough MA, 8/4/2020

Water Distribution Operator, Lee, MA  8/3/2020


July 2020

Water Meter Maintenance Repair/Cross Connection Inspector, Walpole MA, 7/29/2020

Water and Sewer Superintendent, City of Keene NH, 7/28/2020

Water Distribution Operator, Bridgewater MA, 7/22/2020

Water Supply Operator, Bridgewater MA, 7/22/2020

Administrative Assistant, Lincoln MA, 7/21/2020